Technics SL1200M3D Turntable

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Technics SL1200M3D Turntable


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Technics SL1200M3D Turntable

Technics SL1200M3D Turntable

Technics SL1200M3D Turntable

The classic silver styling and impeccable construction of Technic's latest "wheel of steel" will make any professional DJ's (or analog music buff's) heart thump! Like other manually operated, direct drive turntables from Technics, it features a high torque motor for quick start-ups (from standstill to 33-1/3 rpm in 7/10 of a second), plus unwavering quartz-locked accuracy at 33-1/3 or 45 rpm. Quartz lock control is even maintained while using the ±8% continuous pitch adjustment — very cool! But the SL-1200M3D adds a few special DJ-friendly features to all these favorites.

For example, the power button is recessed, so you won't accidentally turn the unit off while it's playing — a club DJ's nightmare. Plus, the hinge-free dust cover gives you unobstructed access to your turntable while it's in motion — and an easy way to cover and protect it when it's not. The SL-1200M3D even comes with a disc slip pad to let your vinyl move easily during "scratch" play.

You don't give up the solid construction that Technics has made famous for the last two decades, either. Just like its predecessors, the SL-1200M3D features a highly-sensitive low-mass tonearm with gimbal suspension. The durable precision-molded aluminum die-cast platter and cabinet, and heavy rubber base material help absorb unwanted vibrations. Adjust the oversized insulating feet for precise leveling. Plugs into your receiver or mixer's phono inputs.


Type: manual
Drive system: quartz direct drive
Wow and Flutter: 0.025% WRMS, ±0.035% peak
Rumble: -76dB DIN B
Tonearm type: universal s-shaped low-mass with gimbal suspension
Disc slip mat
Aluminum Diecast cabinet
Helicoid Tonearm height adjustment
Finish: silver/black
Dust cover: detachable
Base: heavy rubber base material

Product Dimensions:

Height 9"

Width 21"

Depth 16"

Weight 30 lbs.